"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. - Carl Sagan"
• Ph.D. Candidate
• M.Sc. in Statistics
• GradCert. Statistics
• GradCert. Management
• B.S. Electronic Engr.

Gustavo A. Valencia-Zapata, Ph.D. Candidate

Data Scientist with strong Statistic and Computer Engineering background and 15+ years of experience using predictive modeling, data mining, and machine learning algorithms to solve business problems. Involved in R open source community and passionate about classifiers and synthetic data generation.


Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN) 08/2014-Present
Graduate Research Assistant in the Network for Computational Nanotechnology (NCN).
Develop and apply data analysis models for "nanoHUB", the largest online nanotechnology user facility in the world.

iDATA (Medellín, Colombia) 02/2014 – 08/2014
Senior Data Mining Analyst.
Design data modeling/analysis services that are used to mine enterprise systems and applications for knowledge and information that enhances business processes.

Group Bancolombia - Financial Sector (Medellín, Colombia) 02/2006 – 04/2013    
IT Security Analyst - Fraud Prevention Security Analyst.
Build data mining models for improving security levels in financial transactions and IT infrastructure.
Designed and implemented statistical models for fraud prevention.

University Pontificia Bolivariana  (Medellín, Colombia) 01/2012 – 12/2013
Assistant Professor.
Graduate Course: Data Visualization.           Undergraduate Course: Statistical Inference.

Eafit University (Medellín, Colombia) 01/2012 – 05/2014
Adjunct Professor.
Graduate Courses: Data Visualization, Data Mining, and Business Intelligence.

VideoBase – Housing Producer (Medellín, Colombia) 03/2004 – 11/2004
Audio Engineer.
Supported technical audio and video network.